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Site Solution Pricing

Down Payment

The down payment to begin development of your custom-designed website is $200. After the initial design phase begins, you will be sent a link to your new site so you can see its development throughout the entire process.

Website Completion

Once your website is completed to your complete satisfaction​, there will be a final charge between​ $375 to $475 depending on site complexity and build time.

Website Hosting and Domain Name

Hosting your website is $180 per year ($15 a month). Note: Quoted price is for a standard website. Expanded bandwidth, extra storage, and eCommerce may incur additional charges. I can connect your domain name for FREE. If you do not have a domain name, I can purchase one for you for approx $25.00


Price Breakdown
•    Deposit: $200
•    Finished Live Site: $375 to $475
•    Website Hosting: $180 Annually
•    Total Average Cost: $755 to $855

Website Updates

Minor updates are free! More complex updates range from $25.00 to $45.00+ depending on complexity and time required.

I look forward to building your website!
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